Fire Cleaner

I just missed getting stuck in a miles long traffic jam today.

I was headed north on I-5 on my way home from the airport. As I rounded a bend, traffic slowed down. I saw smoke billowing from up ahead. When I got a little closer I saw everyone moving over to the far right and left hand lanes. A piece of metal was just ahead in my lane.

And up ahead was a flaming street sweeper. The driver was pacing up and down the shoulder. The police and fire department hadn't gotter there yet. I saw flames licking the bottom of the street sweeper and more flames pouring out the right hand side of the vehicle.

It was cool.

I drove by on the left and after I passed it, I saw the state patrol and fire department pulling up in my review mirror.

They shut down the freeway to fight the fire and then cleanup the foam. Before they did that, though, the cars, trucks, and busses just drove right passed the flaming hulk of sanitation equipment.

Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me, but KIRO-TV has a bunch of pictures right here:

Burning Street Sweeper

For video from the WA DOT Camera:

Burning Street Sweeper Video Feed

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