Life in the Garden Part 03: Tomatoes

I miss real tomatoes. Red plump fruits that taste like real food. That real tomato taste can't be found in a supermarket anymore; I've tried.

Last summer I went a BBQ in West Seattle. The host succeeded in growing small cherry tomatoes. I could have eaten them all night.

This year, I am trying to grow my own. I don't think I could succeed with traditional container gardening methods; I don't have enough space or sun.

But I do have a new Aero Garden. This birthday present may be the solution. It has a built in grow light, custom seed mix, individual nutrient tabs, and a bowl.

The really cool thing is there is no dirt. I simply put the seed pod in the tray and added nutrients and water to the bowl. The plants grow hydroponically -- in air and water.

Then I plugged it in and pressed "Tomatoes." Now I just have to wait 2-3 months.

Cromely's AeroGarden


Jon Clarke said...

I look at that thing and I just think 'food replicator'. Which ain't far off.

Anonymous said...

There's something about this that goes against science.