Shatner-Palooza: Financial Tips

When Jon and I watched Mind Meld a couple years back, it seemed like William Shatner was always looking for the next gimmick -- the next dollar so he could eat. It seemed like the 70s did not treat him well.

Leonard Nimoy, on the other hand came across as someone who saw Star Trek for the opportunity it was, thought it could be fleeting, and saved & invested his money quietly and well so he could live out a calm life.

Shatner's finances took a turn for the better in the Dot Com days. When Priceline.Com hired him as their spokesman, he did the job for stock, not cash. From Wikipedia:

For years, Priceline's official spokesperson was William Shatner, who agreed to do the spots for free in exchange for stock in the company. The arrangement turned out to be quite profitable for Shatner, who sold much of the stock shortly before its value plummeted in the dot-com bust.

But in an interview published in Britain's Globe and Mail (I found the link on Fark.com), Shatner offer additional financial advice. If you have just starting to save for retirement, maybe Shatner has some tips for you.

His tips include:

  • "don't buy anything that eats while you sleep."
  • the stock market is "chancy,"
  • "If you had the hindsight, real estate would have been a really good investment"

The most important tidbit, though, is this:

"If you're saving some more, you can treat yourself," he said. "If you're starting to save, treat yourself to a saving."

Happy investing.

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