Where Have You Flown?

Map of my airtravel in summer 2005

Flightmemory.com is a site I just found through FlyerTalk.

It's a free, personal, online log book for you air travel. You enter information about your flight, such as date, time, cites, flight number, aircraft number, seat, etc., on the site and it keeps track of your travels for you. It will even tell you how many total days and weeks you have spent in the air. And it generates cool maps for you, like the one above.

So now I am entering old data.

I look up old flights on my past frequent flyer statement.

Next, I put the basic data in FlightMemory.

To get more detailed information about the flight, I go here.

From this site, I can list all the flights form a particular airline at a particular airport on any day going back to 1995. Once I pull up the list, I look for the flight number I got from my frequent flyer statement.

That tells me the scheduled time of departure, the acutal time of departure, and the elapsed time in the air. It also tells me the unique N-number for that aircraft -- basically which particualr plane flew that flight.

I can take that N-number and enter it here. This will tell me the exact model of aircraft I flew.

I just started entering the old data and in a three month period, I flew 2 particular planes twice.

I flew Alaska Airlines MD-83 N960AS on both 2005-05-05 (RNO-SEA) and 2005-06-10 (PHX-SEA).

I flew Northwest Airlines Boeing 757 N584NW on both 2005-07-12 (SEA-DTW) and 2005-08-02 (SEA-DTW).

I'm certain there are many more times I've been on the same aircraft. This is just 3 months of data. Now I just have to get the rest of the data entered going back to 2001.

So if you are an aviation geek and want to know where you've been, spend a few hours with FlightMemory.com

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