Wii Quest

I tried to find a Nintendo Wii today.

I've been looking half heartedly since Thanksgiving and haven't had any luck.

Today we drove to several Best Buys because the listed it in their weekly flyer. They guaranteed a minimum of 12 per store. But we headed out at about 1:00 PM. Apparently, we needed to head out at 1:00 AM.

Every store already sold out. At the Lynnwood store, one rep told me they had 15 in stock and sold them all within 10 minutes of the store opening. People lined up early.

That's the really amazing thing. The product had been on the market for six months and people are still lining up every weekend, on the off chance a store will have some in stock.

Nintendo has a real winner on their hands. Their selling 200,000+ units a month and still aren't close to meeting demand. After six months, the novelty still hasn't worn off. They're still selling for well above MSRP on EBay, too.

Fortunately, it falls into the "nice to have" category for me, and not, "I have to have it." I thought briefly about getting up really early next weekend to stand in line for the off chance to get one. Then I came to my senses. I think I'll sleep in instead.

After all, it's not like it's a reality TV audition.

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