Snack Bag

My GF and I went shopping at Ranch 99 last night. Ranch 99 is a the nation's large Asian grocery store chain. The store on HWY 99 near Seattle is as large as any traditional US grocery store.

The only difference is that I can't read the labels on half the products.

The most confusing item, though, is a bag filled with some fish-shaped corn snack. It's probably what you get when you cross Goldfish Crackers with corn nuts.

But can anyone tell me what's happening in the graphics on the front of the bag? An why would would I want to buy a product that seems to makes its consumers remover their underwear in front of the girls in the laundromat?

Weird Japanese Snack Bag

Weird Japanese Snack Bag Panel 1

Weird Japanese Snack Bag Panel 2

Weird Japanese Snack Bag Panel 3

Weird Japanese Snack Bag Panel 4

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caozitou said...


didn't get it either, but it did draw your attention.