If you're a fan of the 70s...

...be sure to check out the RollerBlog. RollerKaty, a Seattle area blogger, is obsessed with the decade some would choose to forget.

I'm not sure if I found her blog or she found mine, but I know Entrecard was the key.

Regardless, her blog is all about the music, movies, TV and pop culture of era that gave us everything from Disco to Skylab to Neil Diamond.

And she did a groovy job 70s-izing my logo.


Book Calendar said...

I have always liked psychedelic poster art and postcards.

Anyways, I got hit with a meme from Cowgirl Betty... the Big Bang Meme.


lina said...

that is one groovy logo, man.... :-P

Marjie said...

nice logo. pretty groovy. speakin' of the 70s, I just saw a show about it on VH1 and I was totally smitten by the decade. Life seemed easier back then before I existed. I wonder why :-/

RollerKaty said...

Hi Cromely,

I just crawled out from under a rock (I spent the entire weekend moving off blogger and re-launching my blog) and saw this post. Glad you liked your seventy-ized logo :)

BTW - my new web address is

:) RollerKaty