Three hours to water the plants

2006-09-02_Genovese Basil 01

It took me three hours to water the plants tonight. Sure, there's a lot of them, but it shouldn't take more than 30-45 minutes to take care of it.

The problem is a series of bright shiny objects. Or activities. Or projects. Or the Internet. It seems I keep getting distracted.

I went to the herb garden to turn on the lights. Then I decided I needed to pick up the plant debris because the land lord is coming over tomorrow to take a look at the apartment.

So I took care of the debris and decided it would be easier to get the plants done if I moved some of the boxes in the living room. So I did that.

But of course, I can move some more computers into one of those boxes. So I took care of that.

A new computer needs to go in the travel box. So I went upstairs to get it. Then I realized I needed to install Office on it. I started to look for that with little luck.

Then I looked at the plants and remembered I was watering them. I got the can and brought it to the kitchen to fill. Of course the sink had dishes so I had to load the dishwasher.

I put the watering can in the sink, filled it and shut off the water. Then I realized the toaster was in the middle of the stove. So I straightened that out, then took out the trash. I decided to grab some trash from upstairs and saw the new still Office-less computer up there. I brought it down, packed it away, and then took the trash out.

I saw a few books on the counter next to a pile of CDs and took them and the CDs up stairs. I went through the CDs and found Office, and my 3G card software, which I needed to install on another machine.

I started that process when I realized I still had a full watering can in the sink. And things pretty much continued in the same vein.

I finally got the plants watered and my books indexed. But they're still sitting next to me up here in the office.

And I still don't know what to blog about today.


Anonymous said...

I also get very distracted while watering plants. I've been trying to come up with a new system so I can be more efficient, but it hasn't happened yet.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I can relate to that! I go through my whole day like that sometimes. I stay busy, but at the end, I can't remember what I really accomplished. :-)

Cromely said...

And now Entrecard gives me the illusion of productivity when I drop cards. [sigh]

Anonymous said...

This always happens to me! Although I don't have any plants, I start off cleaning one part of the house and then get distracted and spot something else that needs to be done; everything ends up halfway done and I always forget what I was doing in the first place.