New Logo

The new picture on this blog, and the image on my Entrecard profile is now this:

Cromely's World Logo

Or course, I had very little to do with it.

There's an old joke about a train that breaks down. The engineer can't get it moving and they are stuck in a small town. The beast just won't start up, and each minute of delay costs the railroad hundred of dollars. The nearest company mechanic is at least two days away.

Word reaches the engineer that there is brilliant retired mechanic in town. In desperation, the engineer asks the mechanic to fix the train and submit a bill for the repairs. The mechanic comes out to the train, takes a good look at the engine, picks up a wrench, and whacks the engine with it. The engine promptly roars to life. The mechanic promptly puts his wrench away, and promptly writes up a bill for $10,000 and hands it to the engineer.

The engineer is thrilled his train is now running, but his excitement is tempered by the bill. "$10,000!?" he yells. "All you did was hit it with th wrench."

The mechanic shrugs and smiles.

The engineer said, "I'm going to need you to itemize this before I pay it.

The mechanic took back the bill and itemized it:

1 whack with wrench = $10
Knowing where to whack with the wrench = $9,990

Which is why my GF designed my new logo. I know how to use most of the tools in graphics software. But I have bo idea when or why to use them I get to a blank screen with some theoretical ideas, but I lack the vision to turn that to a final product.

Fortunately, my GF is a professional graphic designer. She currently works for one of the country's largest event services companies, and previously worked for a company that made giant, bus-sized stickers. I've always liked her work

I'm just glad I was able to outsource this task


Anonymous said...

She does nice work, it looks great and really captured you

Anonymous said...

looks great!