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New WSU provost placed on leave

The new provost at Washington State University has been placed on paid personal leave at his request, school officials said.

Steven L. Hoch, made the request less than two months after taking the job. No reason was announced.

The leave is indefinite and Hoch will be paid, Tinney said.

Damn. I want paid, indefinite leave, too, should life events ever make that necessary.

Of course, I'd rather not have the life events that make it necessary, but that's beside the point.

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Anonymous said...

What does a "provost" do anyway?
Do you have to start out as an amateur vost first?
apprentice vost?
journeyman vost?
master vost?
Is there a World Pro Vost Tour that I can watch on ESPN or TNT?
Is the breakfast cook a toastvost?
My head is spinning with the possibilities, I need some coffee.