Seattle PI Big Blog Meetup

I spent an entertaining evening at Verite Coffee/Cupcake Royale on Wednesday.

Monica Guzman, the Seattle PI on line reporter and blogger, organizes a weekly meetup for readers and followers of the Big Blog. While the announcement is right there on the PI, it seems most people attended based on Twitter announcements.

So I had coffee with Monica, Jason, and Hal. It was an interesting discussion spanning the Palin Yahoo! controversy, corporate blogging policies, technology, CES, and, of course, Twitter.

It also opened my eyes to the other technology centric events going on in Seattle, and open to the public. There are more than I expected, though, had I thought about it, I might not be surprised. I'll have to attend more of these events in the future.

These gatherings are weekly affairs, held at different locations in the Seattle area. If you live in Seattle and are interested in these topics, stop by one of the gatherings.

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