Life in the Garden Part 07.5: Bamboo

The Moisture Meter was just an impulse purchase. The reason I went to Molbak's yesterday was bamboo.

Now that I have access to my deck, I can start the garden. Of course now that fall is beginning, I'm more limited in what I can do.

But bamboo should be hardy enough to survive in containers over a mild Seattle winter. It also grows quickly and has a relaxing sound when the wind blows through it. It may also help keep my apartment cool next summer by shading some of my windows from the sun.

According to the tag, this one is an Arundinaria viridi-striatus (Pleioblastus viridi-striatus).

2008-09-21 Bamboo (1)a

And this one is Fargesia denudata:

2008-09-21 Bamboo (2)a

They're still rather small, but it's a good start.

2008-09-21 Bamboo

Apparently, it's now time to sweep up.

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