Hampton Inn in Hurst, TX (near DFW)

When I flew to Dallas for Tim's wedding, I stayed at the Hampton Inn in Hurst, TX. It's a really nice Hampton Inn. And the folks at the desk are great.

When I made my reservation, I screwed up the dates. I was supposed to arrive on Saturday and leave on Monday. When I booked the room though, I booked it so I would arrive on Friday and depart on Sunday.

I realized this on Saturday morning when I had already "no showed."

When I got to the hotel I talked to the desk agent and explained that I was an idiot. She spent several minutes figuring it all out with the property manager, and they took care of it. I really appreciate that, especially since I was using Hilton Points for the room and not cash.

The room itself had a lot of characteristics of a traditional Hampton Inn. Wi Fi was free. They had the new, surprising comfortable Hilton bed and bedding. And there was free breakfast in the morning.

Beyond that, the room didn't look like a Hampton. The walls was a darker color than most hotel rooms. The bathroom had a bold, dark, striped wallpaper. I'm now using a picture of that wallpaper as my Windows wallpaper.

2008-08-31 Hampton Inn Hurst TX

There was couch against one wall, and a chair/ottoman combo in the middle of the room facing the TV.

2008-08-31 Hampton Inn Hurst TX (5)

You can see more pictures here.

So if you need a decent, inexpensive hotel near the DFW airport, check this one out.

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Carol said...

Oh wow. I'm about a 20 minute drive from there. Glad you had a nice stay in DFW.