Marriott and Newsweek

I checked into the Marriott near the Minneapolis airport and walked into my room. I looked over at the desk and saw this waiting for me:

2008-09-23 Marriott MSP Magazine

2008-09-23 Marriott MSP Magazine (1)

What is Marriott trying to tell me?


Jan Hilado said...

hi! dropped mt EC again! nice blog as always! tc! ^_^

Anonymous said...

That depends on the definition of "want" does it mean "want" as in for want of a shoe the horse was lost, for want of a horse a soldier was lost, for want of a soldier the battle was lost?" So is this article asking what it is women 'want?" eg. what are women missing? Which leads us into what "missing" means, Missing as in missing the point? Or missing as in new shoes and a nice hairdo?
This is all a little complicated for me. maybe Cheap Trick said it best, "I want You To Want Me."
Or maybe Marriott got a good deal on Newsweek subscriptions and they want you to stay with them again.
Hmmmmmm, who cares what women want. I want another drink.

Bombchell said...

lol um to go watch the movie with mel gibson?

Haley H said...

Obviously they're trying to tell you that lipstick is the key to happiness in a relationship with a woman. So you must go out and buy some lipstick and wear it for her. :P

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

I think they want you to do better with women...haha

At least they gave you some free material to read.

Karla said...

oh my, that has a myriad subliminal possibilities!! How funny!:-)

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha. classic. i have to say I VOLUNTARILY picked up that edition (and New Republic, Atlantic, a billion others on the same topic)

And how could we possibly be wanting with gentlemanly comments like some of these? (psst I think the articles are asking what we want politically, as it's going to ... decide the election.)

Anonymous said...

the possibilities are limitless but i always think that things happen for a reason. who knows, what you read may come handy very soon. :) hehehe good luck!