Freeway Signs

There is a quiet revolution going on all over the country. Gradually, old freeway direction, information, exit, and other signs are being replaced with signs featuring a new typeface.

Clearview is a replacement for Highway Gothic. Tests have shown it improves readability of signs at night by as much as 40%.

What I saw, Pietrucha knew, was what we all may see soon enough as we rush along America’s 46,871 miles of Interstate highways. What I saw was Clearview, the typeface that is poised to replace Highway Gothic, the standard that has been used on signs across the country for more than a half-century. Looking at a sign in Clearview after reading one in Highway Gothic is like putting on a new pair of reading glasses: there’s a sudden lightness, a noticeable crispness to the letters.

It's a fascinating and geeky story. You can learn more about 10-year development process in this NY Times article.

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