Shatner-Palooza: Turn around, Bright Eyes!

Total Eclipse of the Heart was one of my favorite songs from the 80s.  I love the "big" music and Bonnie Tyler's just-ever-so-slightly-gravelly voice.

I'm not sure this is better, but it's definitely its own kind of awesome. Lin Yu Chun is Taiwan's answer to Susan Boyle and he recently made the rounds of the US talk shows.  Here he is on the George Lopez show doing a duet of Total Eclipse of the Heart -- with William Shatner.

This is fantastic.


Keim said...

My eyes! Ya know I can't unwatch that, Cromely.

Alyce said...

William Shatner's singing always cracks me up. My favorite is when he sings the Miss United States song from Miss Congeniality. He never really sings, does he? It's more like rhythmic talking. :)

Keim said...

Yep. It's Shat-Rap.

Ninja Media said...

susan boyle is my favorite