Episode 024 -- Meet Mark French

Produced in Washington, DC, A Teachable Moment focuses on four local survivors that represent the greater story of stroke in the United States. LAI Video also speaks with loved ones and medical experts to clearly describe the disease, its debilitating impact and the tangible steps anyone can take to reduce the risk of a stroke. The documentary uses contemporary animation to better illustrate the science behind stroke, available treatments and preventable risk factors.

I first heard about “A Teachable Moment” through an article on StrokeSmart.org.   This is a film about four DC-are stroke survivors and their experiences as the go through this life changing event.

The film premiered in Washington, DC, on May 17, and is available to groups interested in hosting a private screening.

If this seems familiar, it's because I talked about this movie back in Episode 014 with Anne Dailey, one of the featured survivors.

This week, I speak with Mark French. Mark is not only one of the other featured survivors. His organization produced the film.

Here is the trailer:


Our discussion included Mark's story, why he made the film, the importance of sharing stories and an introduction to AFib.


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