Episode 033 -- Meet OT Lauren Sheehan and the Neofect Rapael Smart Glove

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Today's Guest

I met Lauren Sheehan through Olivia, the awesome OT who co-starred with me in an ad for Swedish. Swedish had recently acquired a Rapael Smart Glove to work with patients and wanted to get my thoughts. I met Lauren a few weeks later to talk more about her work and the possibilities of Neofect's tool.

Neofect Rapael Smart Glove

Neofect did send me a unit to try out and provide feedback on. So far, it's promising. I'll provide a more thorough review once I really put it through its paces.

This week, I interview Lauren. We talk about why she got into OT, the idea of the "art" of life, and the nature of gamification in therapy.

One of the key takeaways from Lauren's story is how she came to work with Neofect -- building relationships and talking with folks. The more folks you can engage with on a regular basis -- online or in the real world -- the more opportunities that become available to you. Maintaining those relationships doesn't need to be about what they can do for you though; it's about keeping interesting people in your life. Because I maintained a good relationship with my inpatient therapy team, I met and got to work with Lauren, for example. That wasn't a plan. It was the out

growth of life.

Plus, staying engaged in a social life is good for brain health.

So who is Lauren Sheehan?

Lauren Sheehan Headshot

Lauren has been a practicing occupational therapist for over 10 years.  Her dream to join a technology company was realized when dreaming about the possibility of doing something “outside the box” after spending the last decade in outpatient neuro clinical practice and most recently in administration and management roles.  Lauren has served in various roles on her state occupational therapy associations and is a proponent of being an active member, particularly in advocating for occupational therapy through legislation and contact with elected officials.  She has enjoyed planning and organizing Washington state’s “Hike the Hill” event for the last three years.  She has also served as the AOTA Representative Assembly Member for the state of Washington.  Lauren believes that OT professionals are poised to be product designers, user experience experts and consultants as it relates to technology solutions that meet the needs of individuals with disabilities.

Neofect offers a 7-day trial of the Rapael Smart Glove. If you're interested in checking it out, visit Neofect.com. Insurance may or may not cover the device; that will vary by company, policy, and more. They have had good luck with the VA.

Neofect is also launching a Kickstarter for a new product on October 30, the day after World Stroke Day.

Neomano teaser image


Hack of the week: Wear an apron

I've started wearing a kitchen apron around the house because it has big pockets. Carrying stuff is a challenge these days. With hemiparesis, I lost access to the pockets on the left side of my body. Plus, my working hand needs to hold the cane, handrails, phone, or other stuff as I go room to room.

An apron with big front pockets is a great solution for hauling more stuff around with me.

And tying the apron strings is great OT.


Where do we go from here?

  • What do you think of gamification in therapy? Let us know in the comments below.
  • Check out Neofect's website to learn more about the Smart Glove and figure out if it's right for you.
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