Episode 097 -- Use a Take-Away and Meet Danielle Roberts

2-Minute Tip: Increase Attendance Retention with a Take Away


One challenge with webinars and live sessions is keeping folks around until the end, especially if the material is on the dry side. To help folks stick around, let them know that at the end you'll have a give-away for them.


It could be something as simple as a collection of other resources or websites. Maybe it's a how-to document. Perhaps it's a list of key email addresses.


It could also be something bigger -- like an eBook or downloadable PDF. You can offer attendees who stick around a special link to get that content for free. When they follow that link you can also ask them for an email address so you can add them to your newsletter.


Now, they've gotten value because they got that freebie and because the attended the whole talk.


You've gotten value because you were able to share your whole message with the attendees and you have more subscribers to your newsletter, which can be valuable in the future.


It's a win all around.


Post Tip Discussion


Love it or hate it, there's no arguing that the US healthcare system can be complex. There are details and bureaucracies and costs and restriction and benefits and more. Once you reach age 65 or become disabled, it gets even more complex with Medicare, its assorted parts, supplements, deadlines, and more.


Enter Danielle Kunkle Roberts.


Danielle has built a business teaching folks how to navigate this world. She speaks to groups new to Medicare to help them understand what they need. She trains folks both in person and online and has to keep them engaged the whole time. She also teaches other insurance agents about this stuff.


This week Danielle and I talk about just how she does that. We talk about tips for managing webinars, for engaging folks in dry material, and for navigating the political discussions that inevitably come up in any US discussion of healthcare policy.




Danielle Kunkle Roberts headshotDanielle Kunkle Roberts is a founding partner and senior executive at Boomer Benefits, a national agency specializing in Medicare-related insurance products since 2005. Serving thousands of Medigap policyholders in 47 states, Boomer Benefits helps baby boomers learn how to navigate Medicare. She is a nationally-recognized expert in the Medicare-sector of the health insurance industry and a member of the Forbes Finance Council.


She has served on the board of directors for the Fort Worth Chapter of the National Association of Health Underwriters for six years and was a recipient of the chapter’s Outstanding Member of the Year Award. She teaches continuing education courses for other insurance agent as a part of this organization.


Danielle has a degree in journalism and English from Texas Christian University. She lives in Fort Worth, TX with her handsome Canadian husband and their two fur-kids.


Tracking Questions


Danielle found her niche by listening to questions. As she explained, she was selling traditional corporate health plans and folks kept asking her about Medicare. That told her there was an untapped need. She pivoted her focus to meet that need and became significantly more successful.


That's one reason I recommend keeping track of all the questions you get in a talk. You want to look for patterns that keep coming up. They may highlight something you need to fix, or those questions could unlock the next major step in your career or business. But you won't know unless you keep track of them.


Tips for Effective Webinars


  1. It's hard to sit through a webinar that's longer than 60 minutes so don't schedule them for longer
  2. Finish early if at all possible
  3. Keep things visually moving on the screen to keep folks engaged
  4. Promise to make materials or key take-away resources available at the end so folks stick around
  5. Promise in advance that you'll stay on to answer any questions after you end the main portion of the webinar


Medicare Open Enrollment


Danielle also provided this update:


Open Enrollment Period: From January 1st to March 31st each year, Medicare allows beneficiaries enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan to make a one-time switch in their coverage. They can return Original Medicare and add a Part D drug plan, or they can switch from one Medicare Advantage plan to another. Beneficiaries are otherwise locked into their Medicare Advantage plan for the rest of the year, so this is a great enrollment period to take advantage of if you for some reason do not like your current plan. 





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