Episode 107 -- Purpose in the Palm of Your Hand

2-Minute Tip: Don't Memorize


Memorizing your speech is generally a bad idea. You want to internalize it, not memorize it.


There are 3 main problems with memorizing your talk.


  • First, it's a lot more nerve wracking.
  • Second, if you forget a part you're more likely to get stuck and freeze.
  • Third, your audience wants you to be real.


You want to practice and prepare of course. Memorizing word for word is not a good use of your time, though.


Post-Tip Discussion: Speaking, Purpose, and Hand Analysis with Jayne Sanders


I know that most members of my audience are career professionals looking to improve their speaking skills to advance their careers. You may or may not want to make the leap to the keynote stage.


That's one reason I love talking with guests like Jayne. She honed her public speaking skills in the halls and conference rooms of corporate America while doing her job. The message came first; the speaking was secondary. Speaking was secondary. Over time she grew to appreciate the power of it, though, and make it a core pillar of her modern career.


This week we talk both about Jayne's path as a speaker and the too she uses to help people learn more about their own nature -- scientific hand analysis.




Jayne Sanders portraitBorn and raised in southern Illinois, Jayne's Midwestern roots still influence her friendly, approachable demeanor, which can disarm and delight at the same time. Hearing an occasional “Well, hell’s bells!” or “I’m on that like green on grass, white on rice, and a duck on a June bug!” is not uncommon. At the same time, Jayne offer deeply insightful observations, sound solutions, and a quick wit.


Jayne's professional background includes an undergraduate major in Speech/Journalism with emphasis in Communications and Psychology. She then earned a Masters in Business Administration. In the corporate world she moved swiftly up the ranks of marketing management for eight years, then left for a more entrepreneurial position as SVP of Sales and Account Service for an international corporate identity firm, where she broke sales records and acquired numerous Fortune 500 accounts.


Wanting to contribute even more and help people at deeper levels, Jayne then founded her professional speaking and consulting business and spoke in the corporate world on topics including authenticity and courage, work/life balance, finding and living your passion, GenderSmart® communication, and presentation skills. Her book, GenderSmart – Solving the Communication Puzzle Between Men and Women, has been published in five countries.


Walking her talk as a consultant and transformational catalyst with first-hand knowledge of the importance of play and joy, Jayne is also an avid horsewoman, often seen galloping along trails on one of her horses, either Darby or Comet. Her impassioned “YEE-HAW!”s or “YA-HOO!”s can sometimes be heard echoing through the fields. Get her on the subject of how horses have positively impacted her life and you will have quite a lengthy but engaging and impassioned conversation!





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