Episode 114 -- Speaking, Training, and ROI with John Rohe

2-Minute Tip — Remove Filler Words


Filler or crutch words are the bane of many a speaker’s existence. The ums, ahs, likes, verys, you knows, and more clutter up our talks and conversation so much we don’t even notice them. They waste time, annoy the audience and distract from your message. So get rid of them.


Easier said than done.


One technique is to have a friend or colleague listen to you practice your talk and ring a bell every time they hear a filler word. Once you actually know you are using them in real time, it becomes easier to eliminate them and relish the power of silence


Post Tip Discussion — Meet John Rohe


One of the terms you hear in the training field (and likely other education related fields as well) is the “sage on the stage.”


In describes the lecture format in many education contexts. The wise experts stands on the stage at the front of the room and imparts knowledge on to the lucky audience members. It’s one way communication, and it has its place, but can have a certain amount of arrogance associated with it.




John Rohe in a V-neck sweater looks off to his right in an office.

John Rohe is a speaker who eschews the lectern and the stage. He a speaker and trainer in both the commercial and ecclesiastical fields, and one of themes that comes through in the episode is the importance of humility with your audience.


John’s experience ranges from start-ups to established multi-billion dollar enterprises. John launched the cardiac marker proBNP for Roche Diagnostics and the first personalized health (test and drug) for osteoarthritis for Roche Pharma, Roche Diagnostics and GSK.


He also internationalized sales for RPS, revived sales of Procalcitonin for Thermo Fisher, grew Alere’s PT/INR home testing from $9 million to $25 million in 1 year and boosted equipment service contracts for BD.


John has taken products from R&D through FDA clearance and achieved CMS and other third-party reimbursement. He has implemented user friendly CRMs and automated quoting systems, and he integrated marketing collateral with sales force access. He has also been responsible for developing and implementing automated quoting and contracting systems.  


John’ Speaker Evaluation Checklist


  • Are they using filler words?
  • Do they appear to be knowledgeable about the material?
  • Are they speaking to the audience?
  • Are they looking down at their notes?
  • Are they reading slides to me?
  • Are they moving around?
  • Are they actively engaged with the audience?


Kirkpatrick Levels of Training Evaluation


  • How do the learners feel about their training experience?
  • How effectively did the learners acquire new skills or knowledge?
  • How effectively did the learners apply what they learned in training?
  • How effectively did the training ultimately meet its goals for the organization?


You can read more about the Kirkpatrick framework here. It’s a fascinating mental exercise.




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