Episode 120 -- Motivation, Mistakes, and Speaking Your Truth with Mel Andre

2-Minute Tip: Tell Your Personal Truth


To be effective as a speaker on the big stage, you have to be able to tell your truth. That means you have to know what it is. This may take some personal work to understand what you are passionate about — what you truly believe.


Where it really pays off is in the connection to your audience. They can sense the authenticity. More importantly, they can sense artifice.


Ultimately it goes back to the words of Maya Angelou:


“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”


Post Tip Discussion: Meet Mel Andre


In the conversation I had with Mel, we covered the big picture stuff, but also some of the nitty gritty stuff about developing talk. There’s a nice mix of practical, individualistic, and conceptual material here.


And like any good motivational speaker, Mell brings some great enthusiasm to our talk.




Mel M Andre on the beach wearing a knit cap smiles and takes a selfie

Mel M. Andre is an Entrepreneur, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, CEO of Skill and Will Fitness and former lead consultant at Andre Consultant. Mel’s passion in life is to help people realize their greatness and help people accomplish their goals.


Mel knows that in order to change your life, you must first change yourself and your mindset. Mel’s program focuses on helping you have a paradigm shift while also helping you make a plan to accomplish your dreams and goals. 


Several years ago Mel hit rock bottom and lost everything she had worked so hard to obtain. Mel decided that she would no longer be the victim and decided to completely change her life around. 


Through the power of motivations, dedication, discipline & positive affirmations Mel was able to turn her life around in a few months. During those few months, Mel decided to work on her business full time while also working on herself. She knew in order to become successful and stay successful she would have to make drastic lifestyle changes. These changes allowed her company, Skill and Will Fitness, to take off in ways she could only imagine. 


While Mel’s success grew she started mentoring her friends and family. This led Mel to discover her new passion, which is motivating and inspiring people to accomplish their goals and dreams.


Keys to Success and Happiness Conference


On May 11, 2019, Mel, along with Barbara Pando-Benke and Melanee Williams spoke at the Keys to Success and Happiness conference. At that conference they not only discussed how to become successful, but also  how to find happiness during your journey and  stay happy during the ups and downs that come with chasing your dreams and accomplishing your goals.


You can watch the entire conference for free at http://KeysToSuccessAndHappiness.com.

Five Mistakes Speakers Make

Mel outlined 5 important mistakes new speakers make.


  1. They don’t speak their truth.
  2. They rely too much on their notes and slide decks.
  3. They fail to Practice.
  4. They focus on landing big gigs at the expense of learning and growing at smaller ones.
  5. They turn down opportunities that they are afraid are too big.


To learn more about these mistakes, listen to the clip below, or just listen to the whole episode.



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