Ep 103 -- Dying in hospice, stroke care, and the life of a traveling nurse

Hospice is something I knew existed, but it's not something I've ever had an extended conversation about, until I spoke with Barbara Sussanne.  In her job as an RN, she helps patients and their families navigate the dying process in the final few months of life.

Before that, She worked as a travelling nurse in both some of the largest hospitals in the US and in some of the smallest. She shares her experience of working with stroke patients across her career

We recorded this conversation in March on a cruise ship. It was the last trip of Holland America's Niew Amsterdam before COVID-19 cancelled cruising. The ambient noise you hear is the buffet area of the Lido deck.

This sailing was a charter. It was the 10th annual JoCo Cruise, and the 8th one I've been on. Like in previous years both pre- and post-stroke, I had a great time. I'm booked for 2021 if cruising is still a thing that exists next year. If you like geeks, nerds, musis, crafts, karaoke, and other genre stuff, join us next year. You can learn more at http://JoCoCriuise.com


Barbara Sussanne graduated in 2002 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Indiana University Southeast School of Nursing.

The first 13 years of her career, she worked in cardiac medicine and ICU Stepdown focusing on patients with heart problems and/or complicated medical problems.

The next 3 years she switched her focus to in home care. Barbara has been on caring for patients receiving medical services in their homes related to their illnesses.

A year and a half ago Barbara was called to hospice where she now works with patients and their families as they navigate through the dying process.


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