Ep 130 -- Bra Easy and the One-Handed Bra


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Let's talk about bras! Specifically, dealing with bras one-handed!

Don't worry. In this episode I don't opine on exactly what you put where to get the thing on.

Instead, I talk with Rachel Whittaker, the Australian entrepreneur who turned a terrible situation into BraEasy -- The company in position to help bra wearers around the world.

She tells us about her then 9-year old daughter stroke and how that led her to a bra the wearer could put on and take off easily with one hand


Rachel Whittaker faces the camera in front of a pink background with a repeating pattern of Bras.

I am passionate about being a voice for people with a disability. After my daughter had a stroke during brain surgery to remove a brain tumor, I became very aware of the struggle that women have every day trying to put on a bra. So I invented an easier bra that can be put on with one hand. 

We called it BraEasy.  I am the inventor and CEO of BraEasy Pty Ltd based in Melbourne Australia.

How to Use It

Here Jamie demonstrates how she puts on and removes the Bra Easy bra.



Bra Easy uses several models on their website, and most are not professional models. Because reflecting the customer base does not require professional models. Bra wearers of course come in all shapes, sizes, ages, colors, and limb configurations. So should the folks modeling the product.

If you're interested in joining the models featured on the site and Bra Easy's social media, reach out to sales@BraEasy.com


Where do We Go From Here?

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