Books? We don't need no stinkin' books

I really hope there's more to this story because as it is, this just makes me angry.

Apparently, the NY Public Schools are in such fantastic shape, they can just start throwing out brand new books.

From the NY Daily News:

Queens' Intermediate School 73 angers staff over tossed books

Hundreds of new or slightly used books were tossed into a Dumpster outside of a Queens middle school early Friday, outraging staff members who can't believe the waste.

Several garbage bags filled with copies of classic literature like "Little Women," "Sarah, Plain and Tall" and "Treasure Island" were discarded in a Dumpster alongside Intermediate School 73 in Maspeth.



Book Calendar said...

We are talking about mold here. Probably mold got onto a number of the books causing damage. When mold gets on books, it spreads and eats into the pages. This is probably what happened. Everything has to be isolated so it can be cleaned with bleach and other materials or thrown out. Maybe they didn't want to take the time to disinfect the books.

Anonymous said...

Instead of throwing them out, maybe donating to deserving lower economic schools in the districts that do not have them.

Such a waste of resources for other schools, organizations and the children that may have enjoyed reading the books. Not to mention tax payers dollars.

No wonder you were angry, senseless waste

Anonymous said...

Um what.

They couldn't DONATE the books?