Rap in the early 80s

The beauty of YouTube is that things I never expected to see again are right there and available to millions.

In the early 80s, rap music was starting to pop up on New York area popular radio and video programs. It was sure to take the country by storm.

At one point, I was going to learn how to break dance. Fortunately, that idea lasted only a couple weeks.

But I still managed to learn a few songs, if not the moves. One of my favorites was the classic novelty rap song "The Rappin' Duke."

Embedding is disabled for this video, but you can see it here.


BoBo said...

If you come across the tune titled "Oops upside yo haid"..let me know..that was one of my favorites!

Buffy said...

You reminded me of Rappers Delight..."I said a hip hop hippy to the hippy..."I'm off to spin around on my back now and practise those 80's moves!(provided I don't put my back out!)

Cromely said...

bobo: Here you go -- http://youtube.com/watch?v=SLZZ30AE7-g

buffy: I remember Rappers Delight, too. I've been hearing it more on TV lately, as various channels start to do documentaries on the birth of modern rap. Rappers Delight was revolutionary in style. The Rappin' Duke didn't have quite the same impact.