The dangers of canning

My sink was draining slowly. It took about 6 hours to empty. That's not good.

I did force it to drain this morning. I brought out the plunger and pumped that a few times. It seemed to help a little. Then I fired up the garbage disposal. That also helped, but it was a little scary. I looked into the drain and saw the disposal blades spinning. The drain guard appeared to be missing. I planned to add the slow drain and missing drain guard to the list of things that I need the landlord to fix.

The odd thing was that while the sink would eventually drain, the drain itself stayed full.

Tonight, I took another look and discovered the problem.

One of these was in the drain.

2006-11-21 Craberry Sauce (4)

Earlier in the week I finished a jar of home made cherry jam and put the empty jar in the sink to wash. I forgot about it.

Somehow, the empty jar slipped into the drain. The drain guard was still there. It was just forced open by the empty and now clear jar. The jar itself was just slightly smaller than the drain opening and fit in there perfectly.

I wiggled the jar out of the drain, and surprise, surprise the sink drained easily.

So the new danger in home canning is that if you're not careful, it can make you look like an idiot.


Anonymous said...

Okay, that's definitely the first time I've ever heard about a canning jar stopping progress.

Jolene said...

lmao, I love hearing other people's "d'oh" moments, makes me feel normal.

AVCr8teur said...

I'm aways afraid a fork or spoon would end up down the garbage disposal, but your jar takes the cake. Have you thought about using a drain guard?

Anonymous said...

cherry jam. *drool* Oh, sorry, not the point of your post. As you can tell I am easily distracted by your culinary endeavors.

Cromely said...

Aavcr9teur -- I may have to look for some sort of metal guard. It had the rubber guard in place, but that didn't stop the glass jar.

LDK -- I'll save you some from my next batch.

jolene -- Glad I could help. I haven't felt normal in years.

life, love & lenses -- A canning jar stopping progress is like, i suppose, a jam stopping printing. Or something like that...(my punning is weak tonight).