A Wall of Books Part 07: Powell's Partner Program

You may have noticed the new Powell's search box on my side bar. It looks like this:

It's tied into the Powell's Partner Program. And it is a token effort at monetizing this blog. When you visit the Powell's City of Books website through that link, and then buy something, I get a small piece of that sale.

In the coming months, my book reviews will also link to Powell's through this program. Yesterday's review was the first one to connect to this way.

I looked at a few affiliate programs and Powell's seemed the most simple. It also has a good commission structure. Plus, I love shopping there whenever I go to Portland.

So I'll see what happens with this new program. I have modest expectations, but if I'm really lucky, it may generate enough revenue to pay for my free blogger hosting costs.


Book Calendar said...

I happen to like Powell's website a lot. I haven't been there yet. I would like to visit it one day. My father lives in Seatttle, along with my sister so one day, I'll get a chance to get up there and take a look at one of the biggest bookstores in existence. I also have a search box for Powell's on my site. I hope your site does well with it.

Cromely said...

Whenever I go to Portland I spend way too much money at Powells. I could stop buying books now and still be awash in reading material for several years.

But we all know I'm not going to stop.