Kirk vs Picard

2006-04 Star Trek Experience Gorn

Over at My Geek Life, they are exploring the 100 Greatest things about Star Trek. They just posted 51 thru 75. Unleash your inner geek and enjoy.

Arena made the list. It's the episode where Kirk fights the Gorn.

In Star Trek: The Next Generation, they did a similar episode called Darmok.

And this is the difference between Picard and Kirk.

In Darmok, Picard refuses violence, throws away a knife. Then he spends time with the enemy and learns to communicate in a language of metaphors.

In Arena, Kirk throws a lot of rocks and then makes gun powder.


Anonymous said...

You're right, Picard's strategy is better and more interesting. And yet somehow the Gorn is more memorable. I wonder what that says about our culture... I love "Darmok" and I've never thought to compare it to "Arena" before, but I can see the similarities now that you mention it. No, Darmok isn't on the list, but keep in mind that it's the Gorn I put in that slot, not "Arena." Thanks for linking to my blog!

-Cap'n Logan

Anonymous said...

Glad you are liking the Star Trek stuff. MyGeekLife is finally going into limited Beta in May. I would actually like to talk to you about somethings. It has been really nice getting to know you via the Entrecard system. BTW, I hope you are enjoying the new apt.


Book Calendar said...

Hmm, Picard is ridiculous. He is too rational and not manly enough. he breaks the mold of the handsome idiot with a blaster in space opera. I think Picard caused the cancellation of the show. Plus, Picard is not that sexy. Why isn't there a woman an episode for Picard like Kirk.

Jon Clarke said...

It's been two years and the caution tape in from of that Gorn still makes me life.

geo said...