Easter and Retail

On Sunday I went to the University Village Shopping Center because I had to make a trip to Storables. Yesterday I posted about how cool Industrial Post Shelving is. Well, one problem if the flexibility of it is that when you buy it, you buy individual pieces. It's not a kit that comes in a box.

And when I put together my list yesterday, I was one shelf short for my design.

So off I went to pick up a shelf and get this project done. I figured it was likely to be a waste of time because the store would be closed for Easter. At least I though it would be a nice drive and maybe the Starbucks would be open.

As I recall, stores usually shut down on Easter. When I worked for CompUSA I think we closed the store just three days of the year -- Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.

When I got to the shopping center, not only were Storables and Starbucks open, they were packed. And so were most of the other stores. The Apple Store, Sony Style, Ravena Gardens, Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn -- they were all busy. The only store I noticed was closed was Crate and Barrel.

When did this happen? When did Easter become a big shopping day? It seems like a rather rapid turn of events.

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Anonymous said...

they snuck that in while you weren't looking