Around the neighborhood

I went to pick up Duck Noodle Soup at the local Thai place today. My neighborhood is going through a bit of construction. But First Hill isn't quite as hip as nearby Capit0l Hill.

We are however getting a new Pakistani-Indian restaurant on Boren.

So that's something. But the nearby neighborhood still has plenty of hip shops and boutiques. We are catching up though. I just discovered this new boutique next to the soon to be open Kabob House -- Lundgren Monuments.

Lundgren Monuments is proud to announce the opening of their first boutique in downtown Seattle. On June 12, 2008, we will open our doors and invite the public to experience a revolutionary new way in approaching the memorialization of friends and family.
Lundgren Monuments Seattle Boutique is located at 1011 Boren Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104.
I'm not sure what a fancy headstone storefront says about our neighborhood, other than that we are near a number of hospitals and nursing homes.

Actually, it's not too surprising to see the artistic side of Seattle follow through to the end of life. Custom urns, glass headstones, etc., do seem to be in keeping with the Seattle ethos.

Regardless, seeing this next to the Kabob House and Thai Star amused me for some reason.

And I walked away humming, "These are the people in your neighborhood...In your neighborhood..."


Mikes said...

Funny neighborhood. lol!

brokenteepee said...

The publicist says that after she dies she should be cremated and planted in the garden to help grow the tomatoes. No monument necessary....

My poop helps to grow the tomatoes now.


Dwacon said...

Duck noodles... sounds good. Spicey?

Jess Villarin Quijano said...

Duck Noodle Soup...hmmm...in our locality, we have a "patotim"...duck boiled unto a lot of "Sprite" or "Seven-Up" and other spices.

We share it with our neighbors too...if they don't come to the house, a bowl filled with the luscious soup will be delivered. That's part of the Filipino hospitality.

Cromely said...

@Mikes: It's never dull out here.

@Pricilla: Maybe a little, but whatever helps the garden...I'm thought about composting, but I'm pretty sure the landlord would not like that.

@Dwacon: At Thai Star, I generally keep the spice to a medium level. Especially with the Duck Noodle Soup. The duck flavor and broth are just so fantastic, I don't want to risk overshadowing them with strong spice.

@JessQ: Hmm. Sound interesting. Duck soup is kind of a treat here and the idea of a big pot on the stove and ready to go sounds fantastic.