Life in the Garden Part 19: Bamboo recovers

My bamboo has turned out to be surprisingly resilient. On September 21, I bought a bamboo plant (viridi-striatus). I wanted it because it might provide some shade, and because I like the sound the wind makes while it blows through leaves.

2008-09-21 Bamboo (1)a

But then we had Snopocalypse. It appeared to kill my bamboo.

2008-12-18 Snopocalypse Seattle (3)

All the leaves were gone before the snow. And they didn't appear to come back. In a move based on "I guess it can't hurt know" method of plant care, I trimmed it way back.

2009-04-04 Transplanting Things (13)_cropped

Apparently, that was the right thing to do. Because over the past few weeks the bamboo sprouted new leaves. And now it is starting to fill out quite nicely.

2009-05-30 Garden (11)

2009-05-30 Garden (9)

Sometimes the best thing you can do for your plants is to do nothing. Someday that lesson might stick.


BK said...

I love the sound the bamboo plant makes when the wind goes through it too; it's a very nice and peaceful feeling.

Ritchelle said...

I am glad it is all okay now.I remember reading the post when you just bought the bamboo:D

lala said...

Good for you (and the plant) I had a couple of plants I lost to a frost (here in C. FL no less) that didn't recover. I hear bamboo is pretty sturdy and hard to kill though. Hmmm, maybe I should try growing some.

Margaret said...

Alas, even when I leave mine alone, they still die. I have a black thumb.

Sad, but true....

Cromely said...

@BK: It is quite peaceful

@Ritchelle: Wow. That about 8 months ago. Thanks for sticking with me.

@lala: Depending on the variety, babmoo can be quite hardy. If you are planting it in the ground, be careful of the type you get. There's clumping and running. The running variety will send out shooters a bit of a ways underground. If you decide to remove it, you will likely never get rid of all the bambook. It's like mint or kudzu in that respect.

@Margaret: Don't give up. It just takes some practice and some research to get it mostly right. Good luck