Late coffee

Sometimes I get caught up in my morning activities and forget to make coffee until about 1:00. Today was one of those days.

1:00 -- Clean coffee pot, maker, grinding unit, filter, filter basket.

1:02 -- Remember than message I wanted to send this afternoon. Run upstairs to send it. Check emails. Open spreadsheet.

1:34 -- Remember the half prepped coffee maker. Run downstairs. Make coffee.

1:35 -- Microwave lunch.

1:38 -- *Ding* Microwave lunch is ready. Coffee still brewing. Take lunch upstairs back to work. Plan to get coffee in 5 minutes.

3:45 -- Head downstairs to look for tape. See coffee maker with slowly cooling coffee. Make mental note to pour a cup when I go back upstairs.

3:48 -- Head upstairs with tape.

4:15 -- Note mild headache. Think, "Coffee might be a good idea." Then realize I had that idea three hours ago.

4:45 -- Head out to pick up the GF from work. Hmm. Maybe a Thermos would work...

6:30 -- Get back from errands, head back to my APT to get a computer to work on a few projects, and a cup of coffee.

6:35 -- Head downstairs to the GF's APT with my computer.

10:00 -- Get back to my APT and notice the coffee pot mocking me.

10:05 -- Check email and randomly surf.

11:00 -- Pour the first cup of coffee of the day from the now 9.5 hour old pot. Mmm. Luke warm stale coffee.


Janis said...

hmm... coffee....

Vera said...

I feel bad for the coffee :( Haha.

Anonymous said...

The good part? You are obviously not a coffee addict.

Secondary Roads said...

Yah, I hate when that happens to me.

Carol said...

I'm glad it's not just me that does this stuff. LOL

Cromely said...

@Janis: A magical thought

@Vera: It ultimately did live out its purpose.

@Grace: I don't know about that. I'm just an addict prone to distract...oooh shiny.

@Secondary Roads: Does it happen often?

@Carol: Apparently there are quite a few of us.