Cooking in the garden

The GF is an excellent cook. She really knows what she's doing in the kitchen, with the stove, and everything and makes magic in there.

I, on the other hand, am a master of the microwave. I can manage other stuff at the stove when the situation calls for it, and I have picked up some decent theoretical knowledge of kitchen practices. And I'm the best at shredding cheese.

These differences manifest themselves at the grill.

When The GF thinks, "Let's throw some burgers on the grill," we end up with a side table, potato slices, side dishes, multiple condiments, and a even a special plate to "rest the meat."

2009-06-13 Grilling Burgers

2009-06-13 Grilling Burgers (2)

It's quite an undertaking.

When I think, "Let's throw some brats on," I throw some brats on the grill.

2009-06-09 Brats

It's a different approach.


Daisy said...

Well you know what they say "the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach!" ;-)

Cromely said...

@Daisy: I suppose so. She's certainly found the way in.