Sushi in San Francisco

After the trade show today, we headed out for dinner and stumbled onto an awesome sushi place in downtown San Francisco.

Sanraku Japanese Restaurant on Sutter Street is a great place to stop. The Unagi was fantastic. The Tiger, Dragon, Spicy Tuna, and other rolls were all great. The Unagi, though, is some of the best I've ever had.

The Miso was excellent, too. I still prefer the Miso Soup I often have near Irvine, CA, though. Miso at Sanraku didn't have quite the same subtle flavor; it was bolder. It's probably just a personal preference.

I'm told the dessert (flan and green tea ice cream) was good too, but I was too full of fish to take that option.

The service was not over bearing, and the staff was friendly and knowledgeable.

It's not cheap, but not ridiculously expense either. You can see the menu on their website.

I'm sure there are lot of fantastic sushi place in San Francisco. I'm just happy we stumbeld onto one of them.


The GF said...

Want! Sushi! The stuff at the Waj just isn't making the grade.

Cromely said...

@The GF: I think we can take care of that.

Renee said...

I am such a whimp when it comes to fish....which means my knowledge of sushi suffers! I know that is disappointing, but that does allow me to focus on the seaweed and miso soup! I am also really getting into the combinatin rolls and the interesting flair they offer! So, I will catalog this place and try to expand my sushi-horizons with unagi! :)