A moment of gratitude

Earlier this week I was speaking with one of my employees. We discussed travel over the past couple of years. I mentioned that while others have made the trip, I haven't had to send him to Montreal or Toronto.

"Thank you for not making me go to Canada," he said.

And that is now my new favorite bumper sticker slogan.

(My apologies to my Canadian readers.)


nipsy said...

You so need to patent that. You could make it for every state as well as Canada.. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? I love Canada. If it weren't for my husband, my address would be in Toronto! I used to hate Canada. I grew up very close to a very popular vacation ski spot that Canadians basically lived at and I hated their arrogance and such. (I live close to the border in Erie County, New York). However, as I became an adult, I grew to love the beauty of Canada and Canada quickly became my preferred vacation hot-spot. There are still some Canadians I am not fond of (sorry to those Canadians), but I grew to love many of them and in fact, one canadian is my best customer and an fond hockey buddy!

brokenteepee said...

Awwww, the publicist had her honeymoon in Canada and it was very nice. Grey Rocks...she learned to ski. Sort of.

sen and qi said...

hahaa lol. I am in Richmond, BC now and just got married here. I don't know how long I will stay but it is warmer than Toronto definitely. I was shoveling snow there in the winter! I have a vid on Youtube shoveling the Snow. I miss the U.K though as all my family is there but Hubby is a good man. Let's see what happens and thanks for the laugh rofl.

Lidian said...

I've never regretted going to Canada - or staying here either. It'll be 25 years this summer for me. I'm from NYC originally.

And deliberately not making outraged noises over your post - hey, whatever! But I'm just sayin.'

Leanne said...


But, send him here once and I'll bet he'll never leave. :) Canada is the world's best kept secret and we're quite happy about that.

Daisy said...

LOL Tht's a nice line indeed! But may I ask why he didn't want to?

Cromely said...

I couldn't stop laughing when he said it.

The main problem with Canada doesn't have to do with the place or the people. It's that it's a foreign country (not that I'm advocating annexation...)

Traveling there as a tourist is one thing; traveling there on business can mean a little more hassle, and traveling there with $5,000 worth of demo equipment that you plan to use in your meetings is just a pain. It's a bunch of paperwork. And doing the expense report after returning is further complicated by having to deal with conversion rates and what not. Dealing with Canadian customs going into Canada, and US customs when leaving is just annoying.

@Nipsy: Good idea. I may do just that.

@Lisa-Alterity: I've never been to Toronto. Just Niagra Falls, Vancouver, and Montreal.

@Pricilla: Sounds fun. I still need to learn how to ski one of these winters.

@sen and qi: Is BC as different from the rest of Canada as Western Washington and Oregon are from the rest of the US?

@Lidian: That's quite a stay and a big move.

@Leanne: Oh, I'm sure it will happen one of these days.

@Daisy: I think it was mainly the paperwork involved.

Canucklehead said...

You should know my now that I get personally contacted whenever someone mentions Canada on the internet.


/kidding - CHEERS!