Shatner-Palooza: Shatner welcome Conan

In this clip, Shatner welcomes Conan to LA. He decides that since Conan is new to California he should tell him stories about his own cross country journeys.

What follows is an weird colleciton of introductory rambling, a discussion of public urination, Shatner's pride in his manhood, a claim of actually being Kirk, an failed attempt a the Vulcan hand gesture, and the flipping off of the host.

As weird as all this is, I can't get past the fact that Shatner doesn't seem to have a VCR or the ability to download video from the 'net. To show clips of his appearance on the Tonight Show, the video doesn't actually use show video. Instead, they pointed a video camera at the TV and shot it that way. It's like a bad bootleg of a bad movie.

Not a bad collection of weirdness for a 4 minute video.


Not John Chow said...

I have always been a big Star Trek fan but, I never thought that William Shatner could act!

Cromely said...

@Not John Chow: Shatner is a unique actor. He's almost always playing Shatner.