My constant traveling companion

My favorite toy lately is my TiVo. I don't know how I got along without it. Now there is never anything bad on TV. I won't belabor the point with the usual preaching your will get from the TiVo converted. I just want to talk about one feature.

TiVoToGo is the coolest thing because I travel a lot. While my TiVo dutifully records all my favorite programs, I used to still have to find time to watch them. Now, since I have my computers and TiVo networked at home, I can transfer recorded programs on to a notebook computer. Or multiple notebook computers.

A few months ago, I watched season two of Battlestar Galactica on multiple airline flights. I did the same thing with the West Wing, the Apprentice, and the ubiquitous CSI and Law & Order. Since the programs are on my notebook hard drive, I have plenty of choices for a long flight or flight delay. Plus notebook batteries last longer when they play video from the hard drive than when they play from a DVD.

Of course, this traveling companion never complains when I set the hotel thermostat to 64 degrees.

And for those other airline passengers who might get a little queasy watching ER, well, quit leaning into my seat.

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