Happy Birthday, Dave

I've been a fan since I first watched the show in a Florida hotel room a couple decades ago.

From cbs.com/lateshow

Top Ten Things I, Dave Letterman, Have Learned In 60 Years

Top Ten

10) You save a lot of money by making your own hairpieces

09) I owe my success to two groups of viewers: prisoners and shut-ins

08) "Lather" and "rinse" are fine, but "repeat" is just a scam to sell more shampoo

07) Them redneck jokes never get old

06) At staff parties, I always get stuck talking to a guy named "Shecky"

05) For some reason, "Dancing with the Stars" keeps sending my audition tape back

04) Can't think of anything funny? How about this: (video of monkey getting a root canal)

03) If you're missing "The Rachel Ray Show," you're missing out

02) Cookies is tasty

01) If I stay healthy, maybe I can make it to 100 -- like Regis

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