Dullest Vegas trip ever

I've been in Vegas on business since Monday. Here I am, sitting in my hotel room, watching reruns of the David Letterman show, and thinking, "You, know -- what happens in Vegas really doesn't need to stay there."

Apparently, I'm doing it wrong.

Here are some random thoughts on the trip while I wait to fall asleep before getting up at 5:30 to catch my flight home.

  1. Getting up at 7:30 AM in Vegas is just wrong.
  2. Catching a cold before going on a business trip is never fun.
  3. When that cold confines you to your hotel room when you are not in meetings, its less fun.
  4. It's important to distinguish the complimentary water bottles in the hotel room from the mini-bar water bottles (which (with service charge and restocking fee) cost as much per gallon as printer ink.
  5. The Burger Bar in Mandalay Place does make a mighty tasty burger.
  6. You don't look cool walking to the Burger Bar with wearing a back pack.
  7. You don't look cool walking to the Nine Fine Irishmen wearing a back pack.
  8. In general, back pack are not so cool looking in Vegas.
  9. Reading the Watchmen graphic novel means any pretense of cool goes out the window.
  10. There was never actually any pretense.
  11. The Bread Pudding at Nine Fine Irishmen still rocks.
  12. Seriously? The Nine Fine Irishmen ran out of Irish Soda Bread?
  13. Video Poker gives you the illusion of having a chance to win.
  14. A dull business trip to Vegas still beats a trip to most nameless, indistinguishable cities in the country. And the flight is shorter.


storybeader said...

glad the food was good. Sorry you got sick before you left. That a bummer!

Karen said...

LOL Great post. It pays to have a sense of humor when traveling.

Laura said...

Every single time we've gone to Nine Fine Irishmen we haven't been able to even get a table. Obviously, sir, you HAVE gotten a table. Consider yourself lucky, perhaps. (*smile*) But yes, it's no fun being sick on a biz trip but staying at Mandalay Place beats the Excalibur every day of the week (which, of course, is where we stayed last time we were there). Vegas is still one of my favorite places, if for no other reason than the cheddar factor.


sandy said...

I went to Vegas once and had fun; but am terrible at gambling. Plus I didn't want to spend much money doing it. Loved looking at the neat buildings, the water show, watching the people, and had a ball in the lazy river one afternoon with a good amount of vodka and tonics for measure. lol

In general though, it's not on my list of place to re-visit. I like being outdoors more than indoors for vacation fun.

Hope you get feeling better, I'm having allergy troubles currently and it's just now fun not feeling well.


Unknown said...

Getting up at 7:00 AM is just wrong anywhere...in Vegas, that's the time I'm usually going to bed! (Making a mental note to leave my "uncool" backpack at home next time.)

Vikki said...

Never been to Vegas. :) Nice post, though. Very interesting.

The GF said...

Sorry it was a boring trip. It was probably because I wasn't there. ;) No cups-on-a-rope sightings this time?

Cromely said...

@storybeader: Thanks. The food is one of the best things about Vegas.

@Karen: Thanks. As longs as what I'm doing results in a few good anecdotes, well, that's something.

@Laura: I had to wait about 30 minutes for a table. I dropped about $5 in the video poker machine while waiting. I've never stayed at the Excalibur. I've been tempted to gamble there at the $5 tables, but never got around to it.

@sandy: One of these days, I plan to add a few days to a Vegas trip to get out to the Valley of Fire or other outdoor Vegas area out door adventures.

@Judy: Ture enough. It's never my favorite time of day. Vegas just rubs it in.

@Vikki: Thanks. It's worth a visit.

@GF: Perhaps Disney enforced a copyright.