Life in the Garden Part 13: Graduation

It's been month since the last update on my seedlings. They've done pretty well since then.

The moved from the incubator to a baking pan by the window. They grew up and branched out. They drank up and sunned themselves. But it was time for them to move on. Today I moved Basil, Cilantro, Chives, and Thyme out to the balcony.

2009-04-04 Transplanting Things (7)

2009-04-04 Transplanting Things (9)

It's not just the new herbs that graduated, though. I had a Rosemary bush that was a few years older, but it was time for it to move on as well. I guess it just got its GED.

The Rosemary plant sent its roots out around the edges of the pot.

2009-04-04 Transplanting Things

It looked reasonably healthy, but it was time to transplant. I don't remember why I tried to lift the plant by the stem, but when I did, the whole thing instantly came out of the pot.

2009-04-04 Transplanting Things (2)

Now, however, it has a little more room to grow.

2009-04-04 Transplanting Things (6)

The garden is off to a decent start this year. You can see some more images from today's adventures here.

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Phyl said...

I'm so envious! You obviously live farther south than Toronto, heh. I can't even dream of having plants on the balcony for more than a month, still. I can't wait to have herbs out there! Apart from having fresh herbs, there's just something marvelous about stepping out there and breathing in those herbal aromas. Mmmmmmm.....