Trading movies for pets in Boise

I find it hard to believe I spent only 2.5 years living in Boise, ID.  It's a great town, though it has grown and changed quite a bit in the last 12 years.

I found this story in the Idaho Statesman a bit disappointing.

For years, drivers exiting the Connector at Franklin Road and heading to the mall couldn't miss seeing the big, square, white building with the movie marquees near the railroad tracks at 130 N. Milwaukee Ave.
By next spring, they'll have an updated PetSmart to check out instead.
"It will just be a stimulus, and better-looking for the entrance of the mall," said Harold Hembree, vice president head of development at Rinker Co., the owner of the property.
Rinker, which owned most of the Boise Towne Square property before its development, built the movie theater in 1988.


I've been to a few movies in that theater, and I don't recall it being a particularly spectacular one.  By no means am I comparing it to the grand theaters.  But still, it seems kind of sad to watch a movie theater closed and be replaced by a retail store.

It certainly sounds like a nice PetSmart that will provide all sorts of awesome services for pet owners.  It will make for lot's of happy cats, dogs, and people.

It just seems like a movie theater should be different from another type of building.  It's purpose built and dedicated to story telling.  It's a modern temple to the hopes and dreams of America's teenagers.  It's a place to connect with others in a nationwide, shared, dream world.

It just seems like it should have a more dignified future.

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DJ-Make Money said...

Exactly the same as where I live now, there is no cinema, cinema that once there is now a warehouse, no more Saturday night entertainment, just watching television at home with a boring movie.