Why do I watch CSI: Miami

Note:  Ranty SPOILERS ahead.  If you haven't watched the latest CSI: Miami, and don't want to know what happens, stop reading now.

I tend to get compulsive about certain things.  Once I start something, I feel the need to see it through to the bitter end (which may be why I'm still with Entrecard, but that's another matter altogether). I have trouble walking away from things like TV shows, projects, and more until they're done.

And once CSI: Miami cancelled is I'll likely be relieved.  I don't defend this show. It has some comic moments, and the over the top mellow drama is mildly entertaining.  And David Caruso gives the show some flair, but on balance, it's a bad show.  The story lines are way too convoluted.

Tonight's episode was a good example.  Three guys died on a beach volleyball court in a way that would make Rube Goldberg shake his head in shame.  The killer followed these steps:

  1. Cut the heads off golf clubs.
  2. Tape a bunch of headless golf clubs together to make a long lighting rod.
  3. Attach the rod to a shack on the beach. 
  4. Run a cable from the rod, under the sand, down hundreds or thousands of feet of beach to the volleyball court.
  5. Fray the end of the cable for maximum exposure.
  6. Spread copper sulfate all over the beach sand to make it more conductive.
  7. Wait for a lighting strike on a sunny morning.

And wouldn't you know it? Lightening struck only once, and only during the game (not in the hours leading up to it).  It struck just when the right folks happened to be standing there.

When the cops investigate, the see a cable, and what to they do with this visibly frayed cable in the middle of the crime scene?  They pick it up.

And of course no one tripped or fell over the cable in all that time leading up to it.  Even in the heat of a Volleyball  match.

I'm sorry, but this is too stupid to even appreciate on the level of silliness.

And yet, I'll keep watching this thing until CBS has the good sense to shoot it.  Surely they can replace it with something better.  How about another Criminal Minds?  Or even a new Friends spin off called Central Perk West featuring Gunther moving to Seattle?


Mike Golch said...

I watch just because of the silly stuff in like not tripping over the cables.

Tammy said...

I used to love watching it, but now it's like a habit. I don't think it is as good as it used to be.

Ann said...

I occasionally watch the show. I don't watch tv much but if I'm flipping through and CSI is on it's usually the best choice there is. TV is so pathetic these days.

nipsy said...

I love my CSI's.. and yes, I'm an addict as well, I often find myself watching old episodes simply because I can..

Nita said...

I like watching CSI: Miami compared to the other shows. I don't know but I love the lead guy there, especially his voice ;) LOL.

Nessa said...

I used to watch CSI: Miami. I stopped when I couldn't stand the over-the-top acting by the cast esp. Horatio. And the colors are way too strong! :)

Auntie E said...

I lost my interest some time back. i do like to watch the older ones. Nowadays I think TV producers/ writers have gone crazy and have lost their prospective.

Jon Clarke said...

I hear ya. I finally let go of Smallville this year. It's just not going to get any better. Or end.

Mike said...

I've watched the show a handful of times and always feel like I'm watching the same one. It's just that formulaic. But yet...I can't turn it off once I start watching!

1.Opening scene
2.Someone dies
3.David Caruso cheesy one liner
4.Opening credits

Wiggy said...

I do enjoy watching it, but I've become more of a NCIS fan. Think there is a bit more humour surrounding it and the humour is more to my taste!

Horatio is good tho :D