Shatner-Palooza: Weird Al on Raw Nerve

Shatner's recent interview of music and comedy legend Weird Al Yankovic on Shatner's Raw Nerve was fairly interesting, largely because of Al. The show didn't turn into the same trainwreck it often does.

Never forgetting that the interview is about him as much as the guest, Shatner got an early start talking about his show Rescue 911.  He talked about the letters they got from people telling how the show saved their lives. They estimate that 3,000 lives were saved by the existence of that show.  To drive the point home, Shatner told the story of a familly.

The mother was feeling sick, and so the father decided to take her to the hospital.  They left their young children home alone.  While waiting in the hospital for treatment, Rescue 911 was on (isn't that like watching an airplane disaster movie while on an airplane?).  They told the story of how some people were saved from Carbon Monoxide poisoning.  The mother turned to the husband and said that the symptoms they just described were her symptoms.  Realizing their children were in danger, the rushed home in time to save the unconscious children from a Carbon Monoxide death.  Everyone was fine.

It was great story about how a Shatner TV show saved lives. The Carbon Monoxide death could have been terrible, but because of Shatner's show they had a happy ending.

Shatner told this story to ask Weird Al about his story.  This one:

Weird Al interview clip.

It's the story about how his parents died of Carbon Monoxide poisoning while Al was on tour.

Classy move, Shatner.

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