Paul and Storm and Jonathan Coulton and Molly Lews at the Moore

It was another excellent evening of the Geekery in Seattle tonight.  Jonathan Coulton came to the Moore again, and brought Paul and Storm and Molly Lewis with him.  I first saw them perform last year.

They did their classics (Opening Band, Nugget Man, Captain's Wife's Lament, It All Makes Sense in the End, Code Monkey, Ikea, Skull Crusher Mountain, RE: Your Brains, etc) but they also played other stuff.  It's great that even though last year's show was a hit, they didn't just recycle the set list.

One of my favorite moments was at the very beginning.  I made a stupid joke on Twitter about Think Geek and the T-Shirts everyone was wearing, and Paul and Storm read it and then mentioned it from the stage.  Yes, I am aware of how pathetic and sad it is that I'm taking such joy in their analog retweet, but it's still awesome to have that brush with fame.

Of course, the fans know most of the music and lyrics already.  Much of time the artist could just name that song and let the crowd sing the rest of it.  When the fans aren't singing they are talking back to the stage.  Paul and Storm work the crowd better than many groups, though at the times members of the crowd get a little too confident with the comments and catcalls.  A Paul and Storm live performance blows their CDs away.

The great thing about this show those is the audience. A passionate, positive geek crowd is like none other. It's over 1,000 people where Princess Bride, Gaming, Star Wars, video games, etc are all mainstream. It's one of those environments where I am not the geekiest person in the room, by a significant margin. But even if I was, that would not be something to feel any embarrassment over.

So get your geek on and check out these folks when they come to your town.  I've already got my tickets for w00tstock. If it's half as good the the October show was, it will be well worth it.


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