Planning for Tokyo

The GF and I are heading to Tokyo for vacation soon, and we've started planning itineraries.  We have about 9 days in the city, but I have no doubt we'll fill them.

We've got piles and piles of tourbooks, restaurant guides, and language tutorials.  The trick is turning all that data into information and a plan.  It's overwhelming at times.

To make sense of it, I've started flagging things that seem kind of interesting.  Now, I could do that on a sheet of paper, but why make things simple when instead I can overwhelm the process with technology?  That's why I've started a Tumblr for the trip.  You can see it here.


It's a collection of links to things we might do.  I imagine we'll only get a fraction of these things done, but it's some place to start, and a good way to make sure I do something other than drool over electronics in Akihabra.

So where else should we go while we're in Tokyo?

The other thing we'll likely do is a bus tour early in the trip.  It seems like a good way to ease into a foreign place and get a good sense of what we want to do next, on our own.  Anyone have experience with Hato Bus?

And now, on to the next tour book...

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