Tokyo Travels Part 01: Almost Home

View from the Conrad Tokyo Room 3602

As I write this, I'm watching a KLM 747 taxi across the tarmac at LAX.  I love their blue paint job. We've got a great view from the AS Boardroom, and are more than halfway though a 6 hour layover. Another 970 miles or so and we'll be home.

The GF and I just flew back from a great trip to Tokyo.  It's an amazing place with some fantastic people and great energy.  On top of that, for a city of 12 million people, it is remarkably clean and safe. In the coming weeks, I'll share more details and stories.

Here are some numbers from the trip:

  • Ticket cost: 250,000 AS miles
  • Photos and videos: 22.5GB
  • ORD Flight delay: 3 hours
  • Trip length: 9 days
  • Cameras lost: 1
  • Cameras found: 1
  • AMEX Fraud alerts triggered: 1
  • Nights with room service: 2
  • Traffic accidents seen: 0
  • Time to deal with NRT Customs: 20 seconds
  • Time to deal with LAX Customs: 8 seconds
  • Other Passengers in First Class cabin (ORD--> NRT): 4
  • Other Passengers in First Class cabin (NRT--> LAX):14
  • Train lines ridden: 3
  • Schoolgirl Ninjas we saw: 0 (that we know of)
  • Weight lost: 05 Lbs
  • Trips to McDonalds: 2
  • "Squished Penny Machines": 7
  • Earliest hotel departure: 4:15 AM for Tsukiji
  • Number of people in line ahead of us by 4:45 : 100
  • Godzilla sitings: 0
  • Stray cat sitings: 1
  • CC Lemon Sodas consumed: 6
  • Vending machine coffee beverage cans now in checked baggage: 3
  • Plush toys acquired (friends for Miles): 7
  • Number that are a robot: 1

Statue of Liberty over on Odaiba Island in Tokyo Bay

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Moms Musings said...

Glad you enjoyed the trip. Can't wait to see the pictures.