Doggcatcher on Android

I have dozens of apps on my Droid.  You can see my current list here.  I've only paid for two of them, however.  One is the Zagat's app which I rarely use.  The other is Doggcatcher and I use that all the time.

Doggcatcher is easily worth the $10 I spent and is the best podcatcher I've tried on the Droid.

I tired the Media Fly apps, the Google Listen app, and several others.  I was about ready to give up on Podcasts on the Droid until I got Doggcatcher.

I like that it manages feeds well.  It downloads the Podcasts to my phone when I have 3G access.  It also has settings to limit to restrict it to WiFi only, if you prefer.  Through Doggcatcher, I subscribe to:

  • This Week in Tech
  • This Week in Google
  • Manager Tools
  • Career Tools
  • This American Life
  • Nerdist
  • RadioLab
  • Paul and Storm
  • Podcast Answer Man
  • NPR Technology
  • Stuff You Should Know
  • Seattle Geekly

Unlike my iPod, there is no syncing involved.  I don't have to think about making sure I have the latest content.  It's just there.

Unlike other Podcast and music apps for the Droid, Pause and Fast Forward work well.  Since it's not streaming I never have to deal with buffering. 

I'm actually listening to my Podcasts more often since I almost always have my phone with me. Even when I'm walking to the grocery store I can easily be learning more stuff.  With my iPod (which I still use sometimes) there are the extra steps of getting the iPod and then carrying it with the other stuff.  Doggcatcher on the Droid solves that problem.

It's not perfect.  The list that shows what will play next is a bit confusing. It works but it's not as intuitive as it could be.  The main interface also confuses me sometimes.  I'm not sure exactly how to fix it, but I hope that gets more polished in time.And I'm not sure if it stores content on the SD card (which is where I want it) or on the phone (where it takes up valuable space).

It boggles my mind that there are so few good Podcatcher/player apps out there.  But Doggcatcher is a good one and is well worth the money.

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