Life in the Garden Part 41: Salad

This year's crops are off to a good start.  So far I've had only a few failures (mainly Romas and Peppers, though the Broccoli didn't turn our quite right either). That made it easy to make a salad today.

The Endive in a regular self watering pot and the Romaine in an Earthbox are both doing quite well.  They grew with little attention and were even easier to harvest.

I rinsed them off, tossed them in the salad spinner for a few turns, poured on some Ceasar dressing, and sprinled on powdered Parmesian.  In a few minutes I had quite the tasty lunch.   I guess this is quhy I keep growing stuff.


Gayle Herbert Robinson said...

Thank you for sharing your garden with the blogosphere. I just bought a tomato pot with soil and seeds in a aluminum. I've never grown anything before. I would like to grow lettuce. I like the idea of a self watering pot for the endive. Could you tell me more about growing lettuce. Did you use plants or seeds? Thanks in advance

Garden Gnome Wanderings said...

Your lettuces looks quite lovely. I am envious as it has been quite hot here so lettuces haven't done well. I like the idea of self watering containers too so will have to check on that further. Nice looking salad :)