Bringing Bacon to the masses

You may have seen the Shoebox Chef proclaim the awesomeness of Bacon Salt.  It's a great all around seasoning on sandwiches, meats, and, of course, Top Ramen.  I've yet to try it in coffee, but maybe someday...

The fine folks who produce this magical dust, and who also gave us Baconaise, run a Seattle-Based company that produces all things bacon related.

The Seattle PI recently profiled the company that I'm sure has a strong future ahead of it -- J&D Foods.
Their business cards say "Nice to meat you" on one side. Flip a card over and read: "Everything should taste like bacon."

That pretty much sums up the philosophy that spawned J&D's Foods, a Seattle company that might be giving Starbucks and Amazon.com a run for its money as the city's most-publicized company.

These people are spreading the good word of bacon.  They're spreading it on Jon Stewart.  They're spreading it on Oprah.  They're spreading it on Ebay.  And They're spreading it on bread.

I wish them and their acolytes nothing but success.

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